Our communities

In Mexico, thousands of rural communities are located in mountainous areas of difficult access and in social and environmental vulnerability.

The consequences of climate change, combined with the marginalization of the rural communities, generate disasters and crises that undermine efforts to reduce poverty and to generate sustainable human development.

Because of the orography the population living in these communities lak most of the basic services and communication means, have poor land access that keep the families in social backwardness.

Given the frequent occurrence of destructive events and situations many of them are homeless and seriously affected as they are unable to tell in time to concerned citizens groups, civil protection and public safety that can save their lives, tend his wounds, recover their assets, as the economy and their life are destroyed.

It is unacceptable that in this age of digital, satellite phones, internet, social networking, we can´t listen to the voice of millions of our Mexican brothers, whose destiny was to born in places where they are forced to overcome all kinds of obstacles and difficulties for their situation of risk and isolation. 

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